Hygienists from coast to coast are finding out that nothing in dentistry is more rewarding, both financially and emotionally, than Dental Sleep Medicine (DSM).
Hygienists (and dentists) are at the front line in the battle against obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). We’re in the most favorable position to discover and treat our sleep apnea affected patients.  One out of every three patients we see has the symptoms of sleep disorder
The timing is opportune for you. Less than 5% of dental offices are qualified to provide service to the 40 million victims of OSA.

We Hygienists are in the key position to recognize the signs and symptoms of OSA in our patients and to introduce the service to our practices.   The benefits-  financially and emotionally, are tremendous- to us Hygienists, to our doctors, and to our patients. .

OSA can kill, or at minimum, will severely diminish quality of life.  The repeated episodes of no oxygen passing to the brain for prolonged periods of time while asleep affects all the organs,  and is connected to strokes, HBP, diabetes, dementia, weight gain and demeanor of people who have this disease.  Sleep Apnea is so much more than snoring.    



Everyone wants to step into DSM but very few know how to begin. We will guide you through the steps and the verbal skills to bring it into your practice. Your dentist/practice owner would love to know that you are qualified and capable to establish this service and to spearhead its success.

With RDH Sleep Solutions you will be trained in one day in the basics of DSM and learn how to explain the benefits to the owner/dentist.

The benefits to you
-Helping your patients in a critical medical area
-The admiration of your colleagues and friends
-Increased value to your practice
-Potential of greater income for you
-A more relaxed patient service
-18 CE credits

As the team leader in DSM your value is greatly increased,  You will be recognized for your prestige as a medical care-giver, you will receive 16 + 2 (18) CE units, and you will have that rewarding feeling of truly saving people’s lives.

You will be able to show the owner of your dental practice your true value to the practice.
Your total fee for these benefits is less than one patient pays for your services and in most cases the dentist reimburses the Hygienist. Your total cost becomes zero.

The course outline
The Science of Sleep
The Effects of OSA
The Causes of OSA
The Apnea Hypopnea Index (AHI)

Clinical Signs
Screening and Testing Patients
Keys to get Treatment Acceptance
The Role of the Hygienist as a DSM Team leader
The Benefits to the RDH
The Benefits to the Dentist
How to Establish the DSM program in a Practice

How to Build an enviable and very Profitable DSM service.

Learn how to join the fight against OSA.  Message me and I will show you how to be the DSM team leader.. You will receive the Dental Sleep Medicine training program and CE units within 24 hours.

Yours for better health,
Gloria Hadley, RDH