Two respected, established dentists, Stan Cohen and Bill Cummen took a Sleep Group Solutions dental sleep medicine seminar on the same day.

Dr. Cohen was a cautious, careful, analytic perfectionist and had a highly respected career as a cosmetic dentist. His natural-looking restorations defied detection.

Dr. Cummen, an adventurist, self confident would try anything that sounds good and he succeeded with almost everything he tried. He was, by no means, reckless. He, too was very respected by his patients and his peers.

These two dentists are completely opposite in their personalities and they both were very successful in their practice of dentistry. They both were dedicated to truly helping people and 
saw the opportunity to gain significance in the rapidly evolving niche of Dental Sleep Medicine.

On the first work day after the two day training seminar Dr. Cummen and Susan his Sleep Coordinator were screening their scheduled patients for sleep breathing disorders with medical and sleep questionnaires. Of the 14 patients seen by the doctor and his Periodontal Therapist (Hygienist) five of them subjectively indicated that they had sleep issues. Those same five also had histories of systemic issues. They all had acid reflux, high blood pressure and daytime sleepiness. Some also indicated diabetes and stroke.

Dr. Cummen proceeded through the screening and treatment protocol for his patient. After a few weeks, his patient, wearing an oral appliance while asleep, began to have more energy and less sleepiness during the day.  His other systemic symptoms diminished in time. He called Dr. Cummen his “hero”.
And Dr. Cohen? He continued to “analyse” and evaluate every facet of the DSM protocol. While Dr. Cummen was helping many victims of sleep apnea achieve a healthier life his contemporary was enviously hearing the stories about the phenomenal success of others. 
What can we learn from this story?
“If it’s a good opportunity, do it now.” Don’t let “Paralysis by analysis” make you lose out. 
More and more dentists are getting trained and implementing Sleep Apnea screening and treatment into their patient services.  Are you willing to wait and watch your colleagues become “sleep dentists”?
Procrastination is the bad habit of putting off until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday.”
Napoleon Hill