Getting tired of the nasty weather, yet?

Come down to sunny, warm Florida and escape the mean cold winter while learning a valuable service to help your patients.

Dr. John Carollo presents his Dental Sleep Medicine seminar in Jacksonville and offers you 16 CE credits.

April (04/05/2019 – 04/06/2019)
8:00 am – 5:00 pm


DPC Technology
7845 Baymeadows Way Suite A
Jacksonville, FL, 32256

Phone: 904) 443-0095 (for hotel reservations only)

While your family is running around spending your money in Florida you will be learning a valuable new dental service. But let them spend because when you get back home you’ll quickly recover your total weekend costs as a Sleep Medicine Dentist.

Sleep Apnea victims are looking for a dental professional like you to treat their symptoms. One of every three patients that walk through your door has a sleep breathing dysfunction. Your patients need your help

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