A truly professional comprehensive dental exam examination (D0150 or D0180) should include much more than what the CDT codes delineate.
What is essential?
Beyond the obvious FMX, charting of existing and needed dental and periodontal conditions, and an oral cancer screening, there are many other evaluations which are directly related to our services and are within our authority and responsibility.
The Comprehensive Exam should also include measurement of vitals such as blood pressure, etc. and a sleep dysfunction screening with a sleep questionnaire and a careful discussion of any notable items (alerts) in the patient’s med and sleep history. These things don’t need to be spelled out in the CDT code. They come with our desire to do what we know is right.


TMJ exam, facial muscle palpation, Mallampati classification  (correlates tongue size to pharyngeal size) and an oxygen saturation test will provide critical information.  Any dentist/hygienist/team will chose how extensive they wish their dental exams to be and what should be included.

Would we be “spending too much time” in a dental exam visit?

Not if we care about our patient’s total well being, our conscience, and our dental license.

And is this “nearly always accepted by patients with huge value and appreciation”? YES, it is when the dental team shows their patients how much passion, care and skill they have. I see it in many dental offices. The really successful ones.

5-20-12 HUMAN PYR

Do you want to do more?
Here’s your opportunity to increase your service to your community, to create your “niche”, and  to stand out in your community as a complete care-giver. Your rewards will be enormous!
It is reported that 34% of the population has sleep breathing symptoms. One of the next three patients that walk thru your doors is your candidate.

Are you able to help them?

Does your New Patient Exam include a screening for Sleep Apnea?1-21-13 LOGO DENTAL PROS SHARING


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