The article on women with sleep apnea raised so much interest that I am offering a follow-up with some explanations you asked for.
So, you are a woman in dentistry, caring and dedicated. You want to give your obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) afflicted patient a simple layman explanation on the importance of healthy sleep.

Try this:

1.  The key is oxygen.

Can you imagine holding your breath for 10 seconds and even up to a minute, 20 times per hour on average, when you thought you were sleeping? That’s Moderate (not Severe) sleep apnea. That’s 160 apnea events X 10 seconds  = 1600 seconds (27 minutes during an 8 hour “sleep” session. And it could be much higher.
How much oxygen would pass to your lungs and consequently to all your organs during that time? Every system in your body will suffer and break down. And that would lead to strokes among other repercussions.
2.  Why high blood pressure and acid reflux (GERD) are common co-morbidities of OSA
During the cessations of breathing the body will increase its efforts to take in air.
Abdominal contractions are exaggerated and increase until breathing resumes.  The contractions squeeze the stomach and force acid through the LES and up the esophagus.
The efforts to breathe also increase a negative pressure in the esophagus which also pull up acid and elevate blood pressure. Aha! The mystery is resolved!
3. The solution.
 Correct the sleep breathing disorder (Oral Appliance Therapy ((OAT) is effective, economical and convenient), and you will observe the symptoms of OSA diminish and in many cases disappear. Isn’t hat a lot better than popping pills every day.?