Every dentist wants to develop a strong presence in the exciting and profitable world of Dental Sleep Medicine. We have all heard the stories of phenomenal success some dentists have in treating patients for Obstructive Sleep Apnea.   There are approximately 200,000 licensed dentists in the USA and as of last year less than 5% of them are qualified to treat the millions of sleep apnea afflicted patients. Why such a disparity? The most common responses are, “I’m too busy to learn a new service.”,  “My staff is too busy.”,  “I don’t know where to begin.”


But we do have a solution for them

In comes Sleep Coordinator Academy, wearing a shiny suit of armor, on her/his white horse, and says, “ Doctor, I have the solution for you. I will provide you with a comprehensively trained sleep coordinator who will establish a dental sleep medicine service in your practice for you and s/he will handle all the screening of your patients, marketing for new patients, present the case plan (sell), manage the medical billing and record-keeping and assist you in taking the impressions and adjusting the appliances. S/he may be in independent contractor and you can work out the schedule of days and hours with her. 

Sleep Coordinator Academy presents an A to Z practical training course that prepares the candidates for a confident position in the most highly respected Dental Offices and after graduation assists in placement and follow up.  

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