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Every member on the team is a potential marketing agent for the Dental Sleep Medicine practice.

Wherever you go and whomever you meet you can promote your passion because people will respect you as authorities.  You have opportunities to help people by educating them about the dangers of Sleep Apnea.
You can “talk up” your DSM service, your teammates and your doctor.
The cashier at the grocery store, the technician at the beauty parlor and the nail salon, the bus or Uber driver are among your friends who will be happy to chat with you for a few moments about their sleep breathing issues. They will always tell you about someone they know who snores loudly or gasps for breath while sleeping. It may often be their own situation.  Your personal friends and family members deserve to be educated on how to live a healthier life and how to live longer.
You don’t need to think of this as “selling”–  you are educating and helping people because you care about them.
This is what teammates are expected to do; It is part of their role. They do this for loyalty to the doctor and to their teammates, for their job security, and above all for love.
Add a valuable service to your resume’ free of charge.
You will receive the same benefits as your dentist including 16 CE units.
Help your doctor treat patients that have Obstructive Sleep Apnea.


Why You will want to do this:

-Free attendance at this important training seminar.
Learn how to screen and treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)
-16 CEUs -FREE
-Have a key role in your practice as a sleep coordinator. 
-Increased value to your practice
-Potential of greater income for you
-A more relaxed patient service
-Admiration by your peers for your leadership.
-Respect from your patients for helping them with a needed medical service.
-The great feeling of knowing that you are truly saving lives.


This offer is valid only through August 31, 2019.

Eligible Dental Assistants may also qualify.

Email or IM me for a list of locations and dates of this tuition-free course.
Charles Kravitz, DDS
Professional Relations Director
Sleep Group Solutions

Are you ready to cut those strings that have tied you to the dental chair for all those years? You have had a long productive career of interacting with people in need and improving their quality of life. Now, after years of intense dedication to detail you are looking for alternatives. You want to hang up the loupes but are wondering what to do first and what will you do when you start to miss the patient interaction.   Here’s what one astute dentist did:

Dr. Sidney Shaw was an old-fashioned type dentist. He had a conservative treatment approach to the practice of dentistry, he exuded an obvious passion for helping his patients, and everyone loved him. He had an admired and successful general dental practice.  At the ripe young age of 66 he was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and his doctor told him he had to slow down. That’s when he made the painful decision to put his practice up for sale and reap the rewards from the 38 years of hard work invested into building his practice. He felt he could retire comfortably on his proceeds from the sale.

He contacted a dental transition broker who conducted a very comprehensive practice valuation. To Sidney’s dismay the valuation reported a market value of 310,000. This was more than disappointing to Sidney; it was devastating. It was not enough to support him and his wife and their medical bills.

“Disappointment is a temporary obstacle on the road to success.”

Sidney contacted me and we came up with a solution for him.  We implemented a new program that added another three hundred thousand dollars in value to his sale price.

Within two months of making his decision he was treating two patients, on average, each day for sleep apnea. His average fee for each case was $3500. This amounted to $21,000 a week for three easy, relaxed, rewarding half days a week. This projected to revenues of an incredible $1,050,000. for a 50 week year. This may sound like “pie in the sky” but when you check around you will find examples like this being quietly conducted all throughout the nation.

The happy ending:

Sidney sold his practice for 2.5 times more than that original market value and he stayed on 3 half days a week as a ” sleep specialist” for the new owner. How is that for a ROI of two months’ training?

You may contact me to discuss solutions to your own personal situation .

Two respected, established dentists, Stan Cohen and Bill Cummen took a Sleep Group Solutions dental sleep medicine seminar on the same day.

Dr. Cohen was a cautious, careful, analytic perfectionist and had a highly respected career as a cosmetic dentist. His natural-looking restorations defied detection.

Dr. Cummen, an adventurist, self confident would try anything that sounds good and he succeeded with almost everything he tried. He was, by no means, reckless. He, too was very respected by his patients and his peers.

These two dentists are completely opposite in their personalities and they both were very successful in their practice of dentistry. They both were dedicated to truly helping people and 
saw the opportunity to gain significance in the rapidly evolving niche of Dental Sleep Medicine.

On the first work day after the two day training seminar Dr. Cummen and Susan his Sleep Coordinator were screening their scheduled patients for sleep breathing disorders with medical and sleep questionnaires. Of the 14 patients seen by the doctor and his Periodontal Therapist (Hygienist) five of them subjectively indicated that they had sleep issues. Those same five also had histories of systemic issues. They all had acid reflux, high blood pressure and daytime sleepiness. Some also indicated diabetes and stroke.

Dr. Cummen proceeded through the screening and treatment protocol for his patient. After a few weeks, his patient, wearing an oral appliance while asleep, began to have more energy and less sleepiness during the day.  His other systemic symptoms diminished in time. He called Dr. Cummen his “hero”.
And Dr. Cohen? He continued to “analyse” and evaluate every facet of the DSM protocol. While Dr. Cummen was helping many victims of sleep apnea achieve a healthier life his contemporary was enviously hearing the stories about the phenomenal success of others. 
What can we learn from this story?
“If it’s a good opportunity, do it now.” Don’t let “Paralysis by analysis” make you lose out. 
More and more dentists are getting trained and implementing Sleep Apnea screening and treatment into their patient services.  Are you willing to wait and watch your colleagues become “sleep dentists”?
Procrastination is the bad habit of putting off until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday.”
Napoleon Hill